Bike Tours Lancaster County PA

Bike Tours

Humor us for a second.

Imagine yourself pedaling a bicycle, fresh air filling your lungs. You wave at an Amish farmer who’s out tending to his fields. He smiles warmly and waves back. A baby goat runs along with you as you pass its pasture. You cross a covered bridge, see children playing at an Amish school, and just when you’ve worked up an appetite, you stop at a quaint café to refuel.

This, my friends, is what our bicycle tours are all about. They’re an experience completely unique to themselves, never equaled in a car ride, never quite possible on foot.

We invite you to join us, either with one of our awesome guides, or on your own self-guided tour. Either way, you’re in for an experience you’ll never forget.

Our tours depart from both our Intercourse and our Lititz locations. Each starting point offers a rich selection of routes, ranging in length from short and sweet to long and challenging.

Have a small group and want a private tour? Not a problem. Call us at (717) 929-0327 and we will create something special just for your group.

Upcoming Tours

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