Rock N’ Goldsprints – THIS WINTER!

It’s time for everybody’s favorite bike race to nowhere!

Last year, we went totally tubular with the mad, bad, and totally rad Rock N’ Goldsprints ’80s edition. This year, we’re out to top it. Right now we’re working hard on concocting a theme. Have an idea? Send it our way…

So what exactly is Goldsprints? In short, it’s a bike race on stationary bikes. More than that, it’s a social gathering meant for everyone aged 21 and up. Whether you come to watch, or ride, we promise lots of laughs and smiles so big your cheeks hurt (and if you ride, mild to moderate muscle pain).

The Location:
Studio 2. Just like last year. Date TBD.

The Race:
It’s an all out, head-to-head battle to see who can go from a dead stop to 300 meters the fastest. Of course the bikes aren’t actually moving. You’ll be on OUR fixed front fork track bikes, on rollers. No need to know how to ride on traditional rollers (cause that would be dangerous!) and no need to bring your own bike or shoes. We’ll size you to our bikes and you’ll put your tootsies in our pedal straps. Prizes will be awarded. Costumes will be rewarded. Fun will be had by all.

You get the honor of witnessing an event unlike any other. If cycling isn’t in your wheelhouse, no worries. This is good, old-fashioned fun. A spectacle to behold, while enjoying libations, of course. You do have one very important job. You must gleefully cheer on the riders (Or heckle them. Relentlessly).

We’re gonna go ahead and label this Lititz’s most creative date night. Or the coolest way for singles to mingle. The best way for parents to feel like kids again. Regardless of what brings you out, come out, but you’ve gotta be over 21 to join the fun.

$5 at the door. AWESOME PRIZES. Free to race. Free stuff thrown into the crowd (so be alert).

Racing Categories for Men’s Open, Men’s Elite, Women’s Open, and Women’s Elite. If you’re a UCI categorized bike racer, you’re elite. If you’re a casual rider or an adventurous type who’s never thrown their leg over a bike at all, register in the open category.

*There is no fee for racing on top of the $5 charge at the door, but we do ask you to register in advance to help us out with bracketing.We’ll post a link to register as soon as we’ve worked out the details.

Come, ride or watch, laugh. You’ll never regret it.

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