Juniors Cyclocross Clinics – Free!


We’ve given up so much this year. It hurts. But, the thing is, sometimes giving something up is beautiful, because it’s a way of saying we care.

Friends, we care about your children. That’s why these clinics are so close to our hearts. We care about giving them every opportunity to ride, to grow, to be healthy. That’s why we have to change the format for our clinics…because when we host an event for your children, we promise to take care of them. We have to keep that promise.

So, we are CHANGING the clinics, but absolutely NOT canceling.

Here’s our plan:

We’re working this week on getting the course cleaned up and ready to ride (adults, that means you’re invited to ride, too!).

On Monday, July 6th, we’ll start releasing skills challenges on social media and creating a special weekly skills course – right on our cyclocross course! We’ll offer challenges appropriate for our newer riders, and challenges for kiddos who want to be in race form.

Your job? Visit the course any time during the week (the course is always open during daylight hours, just stop into the shop to sign a waiver before your first ride) and try out the weekly skills course. Bonus points if you take pics and share them with us! We’ll even have two 24” bikes available for kids to borrow (free of charge, of course). Can’t make it to the course? Practice the skills we’re teaching at home.

Our skills challenges will increase in difficulty as the weeks progress. You’ll grow as a rider and you’ll have the freedom to ride our course at any time, eliminating the worry about big groups and virus spread.

We’ll do our best to make our weekly lessons fun and engaging! This decision is fluid, and if it appears that the risk of disease spread has dropped significantly, we’ll absolutely switch to in-person clinics.

Please know that we didn’t make this decision lightly, and we announce it with some hurt in or hearts, but we know that today’s hurt is far better than the hurt of having a child or family member get sick.

We hope you understand.

With love –

Your Friends at Bikeworks

Free clinics at the Rock Garden (Lititz Bikeworks’ very own cyclocross course) are back!

Let’s start with the basics:
WHO: Kids. All the kids. Clinics are geared toward kids aged 7-15, but younger rippers who can ride are always welcome to give it a shot.
WHAT: Our skills clinics have a little something for everyone. Kids with racing experience or serious racing (cyclocross and mountain biking) ambitions, will be broken into a separate group, and work on a combo of drills and conditioning. Less experienced, younger kids will work on skills with drills that are based on FUN. As they improve, they can advance into the more serious group.
WHEN: We’re starting earlier this year! July 10th at 6pm through the end of September (of course all of this is subject to change as we closely watch news of the pandemic. Our first priority will always be the safety of the kids).
WHERE: Right here at Lititz Bikeworks. Our cyclocross course is located behind the Rock Lititz Studio. Just come to the shop about 15 minutes early to sign a waiver before your first practice.
WHY: 2 reasons: to have FUN and to advance in the sport!

Cool updates for this year: We’re starting earlier, July instead of August. If you’re like us, you’ve been inside with your kids and itching to get out and have fun – what better way than on bikes?

As always, our clinics are completely FREE, and completely INCLUSIVE. If your child is interested, but doesn’t have a helmet or a bicycle, we’ll work hard to get them a loaner bike for practices and races. Please contact Rebecca at rebecca@lititzbikeworks.com for information.

This year, we’ll also be including some really fun opportunities, like a night at Valley Preferred Cycling Center, where we’ll watch world class track athletes race their bicycles, a trip to Doylestown, PA to see the road pros race at the Thompson Bucks County Classic, and bike maintenance clinics for the kids.

We’ve also updated curriculum and added some awesome coaches, all of whom have their clearances and some serious bike racing experience!

Finally – the photos! We’ll be back taking pics of your kids. As parents, we understand how priceless those images are.