A Town with a Funny Name, and a Big Heart

Why we Love Intercourse (stop laughing) and Why Heritage Days is Pinch-Me Perfect

June 16th, 2018

The first time we went to Heritage Days, I got all goosebumpy and emotional.

It was Intercourse Bikeworks’ first year as a business. Mark and I had walked down from the bike shop. We were sponsoring a scooter race and wanted to be there to watch. I was standing there, at our sweet little park with its picture perfect pond, surrounded by the familiar faces of our Amish friends and local residents, inn-owners, and business owners, listening to the sounds of cheering and laughter, and it just floored me. So much beauty. So much happiness. Such a supportive and amazing community.

In one direction was rolling farmland. In another was an action-packed, take-no-prisoners game of volleyball featuring local Amish teens (talk about some serious spiking), and then there was all the amazing food. It was a sight unlike any I’d ever seen, and I grew up just a few minutes away in New Holland.

But then Kurt (owner of the Intercourse Village Best Western) flew overhead in his small helicopter, sprinkling candy down for everyone below. Kids squealed while grownups snapped pictures. He took pass after pass and as Mark and I walked the two blocks back to the shop, he spotted us. Mark waved his arms and soon candy was falling all around us.

Yep, goosebumps. It was a pinch-me moment for sure.

Guys, I want you to experience this magical day. I want you to catch the candy, to witness the volleyball, and, most of all, to feel all the awesome community love.

Of course I’m gonna have to add bikes into the mix. After all, it’s our bikes that bind us together.

So here’s my pitch: come do the Together Run, Ride, Walk event organized by The Together Initiative. It happens in tandem with Heritage Days. You can choose from either a 25-mile ride or a 62-mile ride. Both are super scenic and supported by Bikeworks. Both support The Together Initiative, an organization whose name is equally symbolic of the spirit of our community, and representative of its mission, to combine the resources of several community churches and businesses in order to work toward the common good.

This year, money raised from the ride will go directly toward supporting local children living in poverty, supporting preschool education, supporting after-school tutoring for middle school and high school students, and more.

You’ll get to explore some of the most beautiful riding roads in the country (yes, I said the entire country and I definitely don’t think I’m exaggerating. Not one bit.), and then return to one of the most inspiring community celebrations you’ll ever see. Plus, we’ll be there, and we’re a lot of fun.

To register for the ride, just click this happy link!

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